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How many vehicles in each weight class?

Passenger Vehicles/Autos

Light Veh (0-10k GVW)

Med Veh (10-26k GVW)

Hvy Veh (26-33k GVW)

Xtra hvy Veh (33k+GVW)

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Your rate is based on the specific types of coverage you need, and that depends on the type of work you do and the risk involved. Each business is different, and so is their exposure to risk. Discover the differences in cost among business insurance products and what you can do to secure adequate coverage at a low cost.


What does business insurance cover?

Business insurance isn’t a specific coverage. It’s a term used to describe one or more individual coverages that protect a small business. The range of protection depends on the specific coverages a business carries. For example, “business insurance” can refer to a single coverage, such as general liability, but it can also include many more.

Which coverages do I need?

Each business has unique needs, but nearly all should consider general liability. It’s the most common coverage, protecting businesses against a wide variety of situations involving third-party injuries or property damage (e.g. slip and falls, broken windows).

If you or your employees drive for work-related tasks, you’ll probably need commercial auto insurance. Most states require that you carry workers’ compensation if you have employees.

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